Questions & Answers

Q. Do I use the same sealant for all vehicle Tyres?
A. NO Different Vehicles and Tyres require different formula’s.

Q. Do sealants Corrode Alloy wheels?
A. NO there are inhibitors in the formula to prevent this and Oxidisation.

Q. Do sealant rust steal wheels
A. No there are inhibitors in the formula to prevent this too.

Q. Can I inflate and deflate my tyres after installation?
A. Yes, as you would normally.

Q. Will the sealant effect my wheel balancing?
A. No as long as your wheels are balanced properly before installation.

Q. Will I be able to feel the product in my tyres?
A.  If the wheels are incorrectly balanced or you have low profile tyres of 40 or less it is possible.

Q. Can I put the old sealant into my new tyres?
A. No we recommend replacing with new sealant when you renew your tyres.

Q. Will it make a mess when the tyre fitter takes the tyres off?
A. No as long as the valve core is removed and tyre deflated before the tyre bead is broken.

Q. What if it does make a mess?
A. Sealant is water soluble and can be wiped away with a cloth and water if required.

Q. Will it repair a wheel rim leak?
A. Yes it is possible if it is not a badly damaged rim.

Q. Will it repair the sidewall of my tyres?
A. No that is Illegal, However it can slow and control the rate of deflation.

Q. Should I check my tyre pressures?
A. Yes, as manufacturer recommended.

Q. If a tyre has lost air pressure what should I do?
A. Inflate the tyre to it’s correct pressure and check for any puncturing objects or damage.

Q. What If none is found?
A. Monitor over the next couple of days.

Q. What if there is something in the tyre?
A. You are advised to take it to a specialist to remove the tyre in order to check for internal damage and repair if needed.

Q. Will Oko Puncture control pay for this repair?
A. No because we can not guarantee that objects will not damage the integrity of your tyres.

Q. What if the tyre fitter says that he has to replace my tyre because it has had sealant in.
A. Tell him that the product is totally water soluble and does not damage the tyre at all. So he can simply wash the sealant away if needed. Change you’re tyre supplier if he is persistent or contact our offices. 

Q. Can The wheels be balanced with tyre sealant in?
A. No it is not possible to rebalance your wheels once sealant has been installed due to the liquid being present inside and rotating with the wheel.