Airide Air Suspension Systems


If you own a motorhome and tend to travel long distances, then it’s important to have the right type of suspension. This is where Airide Air suspension comes in.

Airide manufacture pneumatic suspension kits for Fiat, Peugeot, Ford, Mercedes and Renault based vehicles.

The Airide system comprises of two eight inch (20cms) diameter air bags/springs fitted between the chassis and axle. The Airide airbags can be inflated and deflated from inside the cab through a dual piped gauge with schrader valve.

Airide Air suspension allows you to enhance the rear suspension of the vehicle by adjusting the air pressure. This reduces any sagging at the rear that is caused by incorrect overloading and maintains a level ride height for the vehicle.

  • Motorhomes

  • Light Commercial Vehicles

  • Leaf Sprung Vans & Pick-ups

Drivers, who have had the Airide system fitted, have reported improvements in their vehicles suspension when travelling on the motorway.

Airide air suspension will greatly improve the straight line stability in strong winds and also when being overtaken by heavy vehicles.
Airide helps to decrease motorhomes body roll when entering roundabouts and cornering, as well as greatly improving the road manners overall.

The Airide system can also prevent grounding out on awkward driveways and steep slopes or when embarking on ferries.
Whatever the situation the pressure can be altered to suit your own preference or need.

Available In Kit Form or Fully Fitted

The airbag system in the Airide air suspension kit is easily fitted, no special tools are required.
It can even be removed and reinstalled on your new motorhome if necessary.

The Airide kits are available as a DIY version with easy to follow fitting instructions and a full 2 year guarantee.
Alternatively, our expert fitters can install it for you at the outdoor motorhome shows, the workshop in Dorset or at your home address.
The Airide system comes as standard with a dual piped gauge to level on site.

Airide has been a great success and it has received many plaudits from motorhome owners and manufacturers when demonstrated at the outdoor motorcaravan – leisure shows.

We attend many such shows up and down the country throughout the year, see our Shows page for more details.

Home Fitting

Mobile Service Available

Fitted system – £625

Full comfort kit – £1095

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